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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Thanks Give It Away Day!

While I wrote this, I listened to this... Even if you feel you have nothing to buy and you think you have nothing to give, there is always something you can do to make a difference in someone's life. Volunteer your time and your talents... Share your love this holiday season. 

During this time of year it is so easy for us to want to spoil our children. And we find great joy in it.  We want our children to have everything we didn't have, every thing they deserve and to not want for anything.   It is then even more important for us to teach our dear children the joy of giving and not just receiving, as we adults are fully aware of all of those in need this time of year and all year round. Children who do not have gifts, those who do not have proper winter clothing and parents who struggle to put a healthy, filling meal on the table.  It is our job to teach the next generation that the true Christmas spirit is about "helping those who can never repay you."

My sister Alexis started a tradition a few years ago with her children that is now a family tradition and we would be so grateful to have you join us. She taught her girls that "THANKS GIVE IT AWAY DAY" is a holiday. A celebration. To clear the dressers of the clothes that do not fit, clear the toy boxes of the toys not used, to clear the cupboards of the excess food and give it all to those who don't have enough. So now each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas we de-clutter and give. Gently used toys go to children and hand me downs go to those who may not have the money to buy coats or gloves or sneakers.  And the food goes to the shelter pantry to feed the families who wait in line every day for a hot meal.

The Cornerstone Foundation in Rockville, CT is the only shelter in the area. They also run a soup kitchen, pantry and handle donations of clothes, toys and other necessities for the families and individuals that utilize their services. 

The Coventry Regional Farmers Market has been collecting donations from our farmers of fresh produce and baked goods throughout the summer and now, in the winter cold our farmers are still producing enough fresh, green produce to continue their donations.  Every Sunday we deliver bins full of food to the soup kitchen.  We could not be more thankful for the generosity of our market community.

Starting this Sunday there will be extra bins set up at the market for donations. We will be celebrating THANKS GIVE IT AWAY DAY every Sunday until Christmas. Dec. 8th, 15th and 22nd.  We are inviting you to be a part of our tradition and more importantly to be an angel to someone in need. 

Anything new or gently used is very welcome.  Here is a list of the items that are most needed by the Cornerstone Foundation to continue its services and what is most needed by the individuals in the community. 

Food items:
Large cans or quantities
Tuna fish, canned tomatoes, soups, broths, canned veggies, canned fruits etc.   
Anything non-perishable
Sturdy disposable drinking cups for coffee
Coffee Reg and Decaf 

Clothing items:
NEW underwear of all sizes and types, tshirts and socks
NEW OR GENTLY USED sweatshirts, pajamas, slippers and pants
WINTER CLOTHING: All is needed. New or gently used gloves, boots, hats and coats for all sizes, men, women and children.

For the Shelter:
Laundry Detergent
Plain Shower curtains
Ziploc bags (all sizes but the snack size)
Plastic Snow Shovels (no metal please)
Hanging File Folders

At this time of year many people ask about toys... the Cornerstone would love to receive used toys for the children to use while their family stays there and to give to the children of the families that come to the soup kitchen.  

Gifts of movies passes, restaurant gift cards, laundry gift cards, clothing gifts cards and most importantly the volunteering of driving a family or individual to one of these locations so they can use they gifts and services is just as important and appreciated. 

Each year they hold a Christmas party for the families in the shelter and the families in the area who need a little extra Christmas spirit.  This year the Christmas party will be held Saturday Dec. 21st 1-3. They would benefit greatly from VOLUNTEERS who could help with the party that day.  NEW TOYS UNWRAPPED can be donated THIS and NEXT Sunday (8th and 15th) at the CRFM to be delivered for the party. 

Together we can ALL have a very merry holiday season.